Mükver (Turkish zucchini pancakes)


A fast but very tasty Turkish dish

Time of preparation: 20 min    Difficulty: Easy
Ingredients (for four portions):
Zucchini _________2 (quite big)
Wheat flour ______4-5 soup spoons
Feta Cheese______150-200 gram
Milk_____________130 ml
Cut Herbs
Salt, Black Pepper, Red Pepper

1. Pile zucchini, grate them on a grater, squeeze out liquid.
2. Whip the eggs, after add to zucchini.
3. Cut cheese in pieces (or grate it if you prefer a smaller pieces) and add to zucchini&eggs.
4. Add flour, salt, pepper (mind how salty your feta is!) and herbs up to your own taste. Mix well, and put on the hot frying pan with enough oil on it (don’t make big pancakes, the amount you can take with a soup spoon is optimal to form a single pancake). Can be served with a green salad and sour cream.

4 thoughts on “Mükver (Turkish zucchini pancakes)

  1. TanyaThoughts

    These are very, very delicious! A couple notes: I did not use the milk and assumed two beaten eggs. Also, I used a mild white cheddar cheese because I forgot to put feta on the shopping list. I did get overzealous and made them a bit too big, despite your warning. But, a little oven baking and they were just perfect. 🙂 I am happy that I did not halve the recipe and will have some for lunch tomorrow!

  2. TanyaThoughts

    I will definitely make this recipe again with feta! The white cheddar cheese I used is subtle, and I used only half the recommended amount. It was just enough…

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