Open French Cheese Pie

Simple and fast recipe of a Cheese French pie

Simple and fast recipe of a Cheese French pie

Time of preparation: 1 hour    Difficulty: Easy
Ingredients (for four portions):
  • Wheat flour_______1,5 glasses*
  • Butter ___________110 gram
  • Leek ____________115 gram (two small leeks or one normal)
  • Cheese__________100 gram**
  • Milk_____________130 ml
  • Eggs ____________2
  • Salt, Pepper
*By a glass I mean one of 200 ml
**For this pie cheese should be curd (similar to Feta in consistency, so that you can crumble it with a fork; Stilton will work ideally)
1. Put flour in a bowl, add a little bit of salt and butter, preliminary cut in pieces. Mash with hands till the paste will become homogeneous.
2. Add 6-7 soup spoons of water; mix, and roll out dough on the surface covered by flour.
3. Place the dough to the heat-resistant dish (at least 3 cm deep), push to the surface. In the meanwhile, turn on the oven on 200C (400F).
4. Cut leek in slices; Put a little bit of butter on the frying pan, melt it and fry on it leek till it becomes soft but not dark. Mix in the bowl leek with cheese cut in cubes and put the mixture on the dough.
5. Whip eggs with milk, add salt and pepper (mind how salty is the cheese you use!), pour over the pie and put to bake in the over for around 30-35 minutes (till the top will become brown).
6. Let it get a little bit colder and serve with a green salad. It is very substantial and saturated dish, and can be eaten with red wine.

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