Sharlotka (French Apple Pie)


French Apple Pie which became one of the most popular desserts in Russia

Time of preparation: 1 hour    Difficulty: Easy

Wheat flour_______1 glass*
Sugar ___________1glass
Apple ___________2**
Cinnamon________2 tea spoons
Eggs ____________3

*A glass of 200 ml
** Apples should be a little bit sour, otherwise pie will be too sweet
1. Cut apples in a very thin slices, place in the oiled dish for baking, and powder with cinnamon.
2. There are two ways of making the dough: very easy and a little bit more complicated. First variant:  whip sugar with eggs quite well in a deep bowl, then add flour and half a tea spoon of salt. Mix well. Second variant: mix just yolks with sugar, adding step by step flour. Then whip egg-whites very well and add in the dough, this way the pie will get a wonderful crust. But in this case – don’t open the oven until the pie is ready, or it will go down. Pour the ready dough over the apples.
3. Bake in the oven on 180C (350F) around 35 minutes.

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