Vegan Plov (Traditional Russian Dish from Rice)

Time of preparation: 1 hour Difficulty: Easy
Ingredients (4 portions):
  • Rice ______2 glasses*
  • Chickpeas_ 1.5 glasses
  • Carrots____3 middle
  • Onions____2 big
  • Garlic_____1
  • Oil_______ 1 glass
  • Salt______ 2.5 teaspoons
  • Spices: 1 tablespoon of barberry, 1 teaspoon of cumin, 1 teaspoon of red pepper
*Basmati or devsira or any sort of long-cooking rice. Never use rice for risotto or semi-ready rice.
1.     Put chickpeas in water for 24 hours. It’s better to change the water from time to time.
2.     Wash rice very well under the running water. It may take some time.
3.     Cut onions in half-rings, carrots cut in straws.
4.      In the sick-bottom pot heat the oil (very well, even till the light smoke). Put carrots and fry on high fire till the carrots become light brown. After add onions, a teaspoon of salt, mix and keep on frying.
5.     In the meanwhile start boiling water, around half a liter.
6.     In the pot put spices and chickpeas, mix well. After accurately put rice above the vegetable mixture (DO NOT MIX!); put the remaining salt, in the middle put the whole cleaned garlic; and very accurately pour the water, so that it covers rice on one finger width.  Close the lit and cook on the lowest fire for 40-50 minutes.
7.     When the plov is ready, take out the garlic and through it away, after mix plov accurately. Serve hot.
Even if it may seem complicated, in reality it is very straight-forward: put ingredients in turn and forget about it for 50 minutes J The real plov is with meat, but the vegetarian version is as good as the original one: you guests will die already from the very smell, not to mention the exceptional taste and the originality of the recipe. If you want, you can replace one half of chickpeas with soya meat.

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