Today all posts will be dedicated to the chocolate cakes. So let’s start with Brownie.
Time of preparation: 40 minutes Difficulty: Easy
  • Dark Chocolates____ 100 grams
  • Flour______________100 grams
  • Cane Sugar________200 grams
  • Butter____________180 grams
  • Eggs_____________ 4
  • English Walnuts___ 100 grams
1.     Melt the chocolate together with butter. You can use of microwave or put the cut with the ingredients on the pot with boiling water. Don’t forget to mix from time to time. Let it cool for a while
2.     In the meanwhile whip the eggs gradually adding the sugar.
3.     Cut English walnuts into pieces and fry on the pan without oil till you feel the nut’s smell.
4.     Add flour and nuts to the chocolate mixture; accurately mix.
5.     Pour whipped eggs, mix very well – the color of the dough should be the same, without stains. Put it in the baking dish. Bake for 20-30 minutes on 200C (400F).
6.     Take out, let it cool and cut into rectangular pieces. Serve with vanilla ice cream.

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