Drunk Spaghetti (with Red Wine)

Imagine, you have sudden guests who you would like to surprise with minimum time for cooking. These spaghetti can be an ideal solution!
Time of preparation: 25 minutes Difficulty: Easy
Ingredients (for 4):
  • Spaghetti_____ 400 grams
  • Leek_________1
  • Pecorino Romano Cheese __ 50 grams
  • Sugar________1 tablespoon
  • Red Wine_____250 ml (I use Chianti)
  • Butter________30 grams
  • Nutmeg, Salt, Pepper
1. Melt the butter on the pan, cut leek in slices and fry on the melted butter. Leek must become soft, without turning dark. Add wine, sugar, pinch of nutmeg and let it cook for several minutes.
2. Put spaghetti boiling.
3. Put the wine-leek mixture in the blender; blend into homogeneous sauce. If the sauce is too dense for your taste, add a little bit of cooking water from spaghetti.
4. Mix sauce with spaghetti and grated pecorino cheese. Serve hot

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