Blue Cheese Risotto, two recipes


Blue Cheese Risotto is a dish with minimum ingredients but saturated taste thanks to the cheese

Time of preparation: 40 minutes Difficulty: Easy
Ingredients (for two portions):
Rice for risotto __ 200 grams (1 glass)
Blue Cheese____100 grams*
White dry wine ___1 glass (can be replaced with broth)
Parmesan ______30 grams
Vegetable broth/water__500 ml
Onion___________1/2 or one small
Butter___________20 grams
Salt, Pepper
* If you use mild blue cheese, like gorgonzola, 100 grams is the right amount. If you like stronger and more saturated taste, take sharp blue cheese, but it would be better to reduce the amount to 70 grams.

1. Cut onion in small pieces; put in the pot and fry 2-3 minutes on melted butter. Put rice and fry for 1-2 minutes constantly mixing, so that each rice grain absorbed some butter. Don’t wash the rice before cooking – risotto won’t be sticky as it should be!
2. Pour wine. From this moment you should repeat two simple steps: 1) mix risotto non-stop till the rice absorbs all liquid 2) when it happened and even bottom is dry, add a small portion of broth; and then go to the step one again. The preparation time varies depending on rice, but in general it takes around 20-25 minutes to make risotto. The final risotto should remind porridge in consistency and rice should be very soft.
3. When rice is almost ready, add the diced blue cheese together with grated parmesan, mix well. Remove from the heat, serve with a little bit of black pepper on top.
If you want to soften the blue cheese taste, you can use a pears to make the wonderful sweat-sharp combination. For this risotto we need exactly the same products as before, PLUS 2 pears, 50 more grams of parmesan and 20 more grams of butter. For this version it is better to use sharp blue cheese or mild blue + two tablespoons of mascarpone. 
1. Prepare risotto as described above.
2. Clean and cut pears, one mash into puree in blender.  Add to risotto together with blue cheese. Remove from the cooker, add parmesan, butter and chopped walnuts. You can decorate the dish with pear slices.

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