Coffee Panna Cotta


Actually it should be reversed on plate but as I am lazy I served it right in the glasses

Time of preparation: 15 minutes Difficulty: Easy
  • Sugar ___________100 grams
  • Heavy Cream_____ 500 ml
  • Espresso_________150 ml, strong
  • Gelatin___________8 grams
  • Valilla____________1/2 teaspoon
 For coffee sauce:
  • Espresso_________80 ml
  • Chocolate________100 grams

1.     Soak gelatin in very cold water. Don’t use a lot of water, just to cover the sheets.
2.     Pour the cream in a pot, add vanilla and sugar and heat, constantly mixing, so that sugar can melt. After add gelatin, mix till it melts (do not boil!) and add coffee. Split the mixture among 6 cups and put in the fridge for 3 at least three hours.
3.     Right before servings prepare the sauce: melt chocolate with espresso and pour the mixture on your panna cotta.



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