Vegetable Strudel

A salty version of the famous Austrian dessert is delicious and very easily can be adjusted for a vegan diet

A salty version of the famous Austrian dessert is delicious and can be easily adjusted for a vegan diet

I am quite crazy about strudels, and after making classic Apple Strudel I decided to try with a salty version to take as a lunch to job. It came out very nice, as usual vegetables and cheese you can pick up up to your preferences and tastes. I think mushrooms would fit here perfectly. I think it is also a good idea to try it with beer dough like in this recipe Anyway, indeed a very nice main dish idea worth trying it.
Time of preparation: 60 minutes Difficulty: Easy
For dough:
  • Butter______100 grams
  • Water______ 70 ml
  • Flour_______200 grams 
For filling:
  • Onion______1
  • Carrots_____1
  • Eggs_______1 (optional)
  • Aubergine__ 1
  • Zucchini____1
  • Cheese_____50 grams
  • Broth

1.     To make shortcrust dough put cold diced butter to flour and cut with a knife on in food processor into crumbles. Add ice cold water, mix with hands fast, form a ball, wrap into food cling and place in the fridge for an hour minimum.
2.     Cut all vegetables in straws (remove the skin of aubergines before cutting them). Fry onion on oil till golden, add carrots (f you like pepper you can also take one pepper and put at the same time with carrots), then zucchini and aubergins. Add as necessary a ladleful of vegetable broth to keep vegetables from burning and aubirgines from taking too much oil. Add salt and pepper to taste.
3.     Grate the cheese.
4.     Roll out the dough into rectangle (it’s better to do it on a baking paper. Try to do it fast – the more time it takes to roll out the dough, the more butter will melt and the more stuck to the surface the dough will become). Rectangle should be quite big. Spread vegetables leaving about 5 cm around the edges. Cover with grated cheese.
5. Roll up the strudel, helping yourself with a baking paper. Turn up the side edges so that the filling won’t go out. Brush with a beaten egg, bake on 180C (350F) for 40 minutes.

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