Kidney Beans Soup

My favorite taste of the home

My favorite taste of the home

As I promised, I start cycle of the posts which can be called “back to USSR” or something likewise silly. Indeed, I  am Russian, and my kitchen is more cold weather oriented. You won’t really cook a soup in Italy during the summer. As well as you can’t find some necessary ingredients, like beetroots. UK in this sense (and only in this one :P) is more favorable, so I will share several vegetarian/vegan recipes from my native culture.
The first course in Russian tradition is always a soup, and average family has a range of 25-30 soups in their cookbook. There are of cause some standards, but what influences recipe the most is the way your parents cooked it. I never ate exactly the same soup in different houses, people are very good to adjust the basics to their taste.
Kidney beans soup is vegan, very simple, and without doubts my favorite.
Time of preparation: 60 minutes Difficulty: Easy
  • Beans_____1,5 cups
  • Carrots_____2
  • Onion_____1
  • Soya sauce 
  • Tomato_____1

1. Soak the beans in the cold water overnight. You can use the canned beans, but the soup wouldn’t be so rich in taste.
2. Rinse beans and put them to cook in the plenty of unsalted water on the law flame.
3. In the meanwhile cut onion, fry it on the olive oil till golden, and grated carrots and keep on frying for several more minutes. When carrots become soft, add a grated tomato and several tablespoons of soya sauce (depending on how salty do you prefer your food).
4. When beans are almost ready, add the fried vegetables to the pot and let it cook for about 10 more minutes. Serve hot, with a sour cream.




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