Aubergines with Tomatoes and Yoghurt

The Greek cuisine is one of my favorite; they have a lot of ways of cooking aubergines. The following one – is fast and simple, but the  final result is delicious.
Time of preparation: 30 minutes Difficulty: Easy
  • Butter________1/2 cup
  • Oregano______1 teaspoon
  • Garlic________1 glove
  • Sugar________1/2 teaspoon
  • Natural Yoghurt ___250 grams
  • Aubergine____1 kg
  • Onion________1 big
  • Canned Tomatoes ___ ½ of a can
  • Grated Cheese_3 tablespoons
  • Bread crumbles
  • A tomato
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Greek Tomato Soup


For these soup several guys intended to marry me 🙂

Time of preparation: 30 minutes    Difficulty: Easy
Ingredients (for four portions):

Corn flour_______1 soup spoon (I always use wheat)
Tomato_________6 big 
Onion __________1/2 (or less, depending on personal preferences)
Carrot __________2
Salt, Pepper, Sugar, Herbs

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