Why do we travel? And what travel has to do with food?



Three years ago Foster Huntington left his I believe well-paid position at Ralph Loren, bought a van, and went to exploit the USA (the result is a highly spectacular blog, you can check the pictures from the trip and read his stories here). Approximately the same year a fantastic, deep and thought-provoking movie “Up in the sky” went out on the big screens. Starring Richard Gere, the movie told a story of the hero of our days, a man who has neither flat nor car, actually he owns nothing, he lives in the airplanes and hotels as because of his job he has to travel constantly. Well, he is pretty criticized, people advise him to set a normal lifestyle – he tries, but in the end he understands that the place he is indeed happy is the sky. These stories seem out of the real life, and are not supposed to happen with ordinary people. Ironically, I know in person several “homeless” people, and I partly belong to the same category.
Two years ago I left home and I hardly go back. No, I am not sleeping in the forest and neither do I sold out my property – but I went to live in Italy, then to USA and now I ended up in London (well, actually something tells me it is not the end). I spent weeks in planes and cars, and I saw many incredible, amazing, disgusting and scary things. And two years after I am at the good point to honestly ask myself: was it worth? I don’t see my family anymore, I left all my friends, my well-paid job and my car, well, actually everything which people describe as “home”. I can’t go to my favorite bar, I have to accept that supermarket closes at 7pm, and if someone whom I love is in troubles – I won’t be able to help. I think majority of people who write about traveling idealize it a lot, forgetting that it all came with trade-offs. A whole lot of trade-offs.
So was it worth it? What do people see on these kilometers and kilometers and kilometers of roads, that pushes them forward? New impressions – but you can get them at home, visiting a new exhibition of the nearest museums? Desire to relax – but you can have a passive sea vacation without moving at all and relax as much as you want? Desire to learn something new – closer, but you can read a good touristic guide and know all the facts you need. There is a great post of Mike, and I love it because he nailed it: we travel to find ourselves. You grow up within a society with some truths and believes, you never question them as they seem so obvious. But what if all you trust in is wrong? When I left my family was desperate as they were convinced I MUST have get married instead, as it was just the right time for getting married. When I arrived to Italy, people told that if someone decided to get married at the age of 24, he would be perceived as insane. Funny, but then it was a revelation for me – nobody ever told me things in this way. (BTW, still the first question people from my motherland ask me is whether I finally got married :P). To make the long story short, on my road from country to country, I got so much more than I could even had though of in its beginning: I saw the real, pure and sometimes even unbearable beauty, I met amazing people, I have hundreds of stories to tell, I found my real passion and I met my real love. But most important: I understood who I am, which values are indeed essential for me and which I should revise. And I learned to adjust without stopping being myself.
So I want to share a small piece of what I experiences, sometimes as a story that happened to me, sometimes just to share my impressions and emotions from places. I have several loyal readers (thank you, guys!) but I would like to reach more people. As my blog is a cooking blog, each story will be followed by a vegetarian recipe. Because as Matthew Fort once said “The history of any country is written in its food and dishes. Nothing arrives on your plate by accident. There is always history and a story behind it. It tells about trade, conquerors, migrations and social changes. Every fundamental identity of people is based on what they eat”

Cake with Jam

The recipe was inspired by three different cakes

The recipe was inspired by three different cakes

Once I made crostata and my bf told: that’s tasty, but dough became wet from jam, and it should remain dry. So after a while I invented this dough – as coconut helps to keep dough crunchy.


Time of preparation:  90 minutes Difficulty: Easy
Flour_____2,5 cups
Butter____ 175 grams
Coconut chips_2/3 cup
Sugar Powder_ 1 cup
Salt______1/2 of a teaspoon
Lemon Juice (optionally)
Jam______300 grams (I used blackberry jam)

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Linzer Torte

This recipe was inherited from an Austrian girl - so it is a "correct" Linzer Torte

This recipe was inherited from an Austrian girl – so it is a “correct” Linzer Torte

Time of preparation:  90 minutes Difficulty: Easy
  • Flour_____250 grams
  • Almonds__100 grams
  • English Wallnuts_50grams
  • Cinnamon_1 teaspoon
  • Cloves___1/2 of a teaspoon
  • Sugar____ 3 tablespoons
  • Zest of a lemon
  • Butter____200 grams
  • Egg______1
  • Red current jam_300 grams*
*I used blackberry jam

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Me and my Blog

Hey and welcome! 🙂
My name is Anna, I am vegetarian and now I live in Italy. This blog was set up in the January 2014, when a very good friend of mine decided to stop eating meat. I started posting some recipes solely for her, but I was amazed that actually other people got interested and visited my blog.
There are two common myths about vegetarians: 1. They are always hungry and eating tasteless food. 2. They are eating incredible combinations of products impossible to find in normal supermarkets. My goal is to cook healthy, diverse, well-balanced dishes from the most common products (without spending hours in the kitchen and fortune in the supermarket :)) As I live in Italy and travel quite much, I know a lot of recipes from many different cuisines taught by locals, and I try to share this knowledge (as I quite usually see, for example, spaghetti alla puttanesca with pesto. Well, maybe it’s very tasty, but it is not puttanesca anymore:))
English is not my mother tongue, so sometimes I struggle to express my thoughts (you know, in uni I spent ages discussing politics and economics, then art and media, but never cooking peculiarities:)). But I hope I explain things clear enough. All pictures in my blog are made by me, so they are not super beautiful, but I am working on it 🙂